From 9 A.M.- 5 P.M. most adults or people have a job and work

Students at those times are in school

From 5 P.M – 12 A.M. everyone is aloud to do whatever it is they want


Dear Journal,

My weekends are always the best because i always find something fun to do. Usually there are always some party going on in town somewhere, so I usually go to the parties with my friends. Also sometimes there are baseball games going on or carnivals. The Carnivals here are really fun. There is music, people dancing, food, more people, and drinks. Everyone has a smile on their face when they’re at the carnival. The baseball games are really fun too. The stadium has a lot of energy built by the fans in the stadium. Games get intense over here. Sometimes by weekends are really boring because i have to do chores sometimes. That’s pretty much what i do every weekend.

Dear Journal,

I hate going to school but i actually do kinda like going. School for me is like going to jail for a couple of months. All we do is write, read, and work inside a building filled with other students like me. When I wake up to go to school I do what all normal kids do when they wake up such as brush my teeth, get dressed, and eat something. Before I head to school I few of my friends and I play a quick game of baseball. After we finish playing baseball we race each other to school. School is about 20 minutes away from my house and from where we play baseball, so its a long and tiring run but its good for us. Nobody gets bullied at school, everyone is very nice to each other and knows each other. The teachers are very strict and you don’t want to get them on their bad side. After school I always go to the ocean with my friends and just relax there or do homework. That’s what my daily life is consisted of.

Dear Journal,

Today was just a nice beautiful normal day. I woke up brushed my teeth, took a shower, and then ate some cereal like I normally do. Before I leave to work I always take a few minute trip to my grandmothers house to see how she is doing. I really don’t like the roads that I have to go threw because they are really bumpy, and its not smooth at all. My grandmother lives in a fairly small house by herself. She raises chickens and has many other animals. As i arrived at work I begin to start treating my patients. Oh yeah i forgot to tell you that I’m a doctor. I can cure any disease I want including cancer and AIDS. After i finish work I go home shower, eat, then I go to bed.

Dear Mom & Dad,

You guys should come visit my utopia one day, I’m sure you guys will have a good time here. My utopia is ran by a Democratic government and the people here are just great. The people in each community help each other out with so many things, its like they’re all actually related to each other. The weather here is really hot and warm, and the beaches here are just beautiful. There are never any problems over here, so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. I hope you guys come.


Joseph Quezada


This utopia has a Democracy government. The people in this utopia make decisions by voting for their own president, and paying taxes when needed. These people have lots of freedom and have the ability to do many things.


1. Everyone will help and share things with each other in their community

2. People shall not kill kill

3. People shall not steal

4. People shall not smoke under the age of 18

5. People shall not drink alcohol under the age of 21

6. People at the age of 18 and under should attend grade school

7. People shall not threaten the government

8. Men should join the army

9. Everyone has the freedom of becoming whatever they want

10. Respect the people around you

The Unicorn is classified as the utopian animal because many things can happen in life. New things enter and the old stuff either just stays or leaves.

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican War of Independence was against the Haitians. I don’t like that the Dominican Republic does not have a lot of money and is a poor country. The current society has broken trust with me by losing big event games that they are good at. I feel like i need to form a more perfect society so that the country could be noticed more. For instance the Dominican Republic could maybe be a part of America one day. You just never know.